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Oldest Woman Aged 116 Reveals the One Secret Food She Eats Every Day that Helped Her Live Long (Photo)

A woman said to be the world's oldest person has revealed the secret food she has been eating every day that helped her live long.
Emma Morano
The world’s oldest person, who turns 117 in November, has given us a clue as to how she’s achieved such longevity, HuffingtonPost reports.
The woman identified as Emma Morano, 116, of Verbania, Italy, was born in 1899 and will turn 117 on Nov. 29. The supercentenarian claimed the title of world’s oldest person in May after the death of the former titleholder, Susannah Mushatt Jones. 
While speaking to Agence France-Presse in her home, Morano revealed what she eats in a typical day. “I eat two eggs a day and that’s it,” she said. “I eat cookies.”
But it’s not in the eggs themselves, perhaps, that the secret lies, but in their preparation or in her case, lack thereof. Morano has said she’s eaten two eggs raw for decades since a doctor told her it would help her anemia. (The cookies sound much more appetizing.)
Other than that, the oldest woman says she’s lived a long life thanks to not being “dominated” by anyone and to staying single since she divorced in her late 30s. 
Her doctor, Carlo Bava, says it’s not just her longevity, but her resilience that’s astounding. “Despite everything she always recovers,” he told AFP. “When she is well, she really is well.”
What a woman. We’re looking forward to seeing Emma celebrate her 117th birthday very soon

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