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Mourinho laments: 'Wenger gets more respect than me'

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho believes old foe Arsene Wenger is given more respect than him.

The pair’s relationship on the touchlines and away from it has been an intriguing one over the years, with the spotlight returning to the duo ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash between United and Arsenal.

Mourinho, who has lost only one of 15 previous meetings with Wenger, labelled the Frenchman a “specialist in failure” in early 2014, but there were no such inflammatory remarks on Friday. The Portuguese does clearly feel though that he is afforded less respect than a manager who last won the Premier League in 2004.

“The records against any other manager being good or bad is not important,” Mourinho said.

“For me, the only thing that matters is what you get globally as a team. Our team’s results, our CV, if you want to go to that direction.

“In the Premier League, tomorrow is a match between the two managers with the best record in the Premier League.

“Sir Alex Ferguson isn’t here anymore. Tomorrow, I think between the two managers we are speaking about, I think (we have) six or seven Premier League titles (between us). I have three, he has three or four.

“Does that mean we should be respected, even in periods where our results are not the best? I think Mr Wenger has that respect from all of you, I don’t think I have, especially because my last Premier League title was 18 months ago, not 18 years ago.

“I don’t think I get that respect. But to be honest, I just follow my way because I want to win a ninth championship and I want to win a fourth Premier League.”

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