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Why I Rejected President Buhari's Appointment - Ambassadorial Nominee Finally Reveals

Usman Bugaje, an ambassadorial nominee from Katsina State, has given a reason why he turned down President Muhammadu Buhari's offer.
Usman Bugaje
We reported on Tuesday that Usman Bugaje from Kastina state, who is one of the non-career ambassadorial nominees President Muhamamdu Buhari sent to the Nigerian Senate for confirmation last week, turned down his nomination. 
While he declined to speak to the media on his decision, the influential northern politician‎ took his Facebook page on Wednesday and gave a reason why he turned down the president's offer, saying that he could not accept it because his hands were full.
Below is Usman Bugaje's statement;
“Regarding the published nomination for an ambassadorial posting, I have not spoken to the press and may not do so anytime soon.

“I thank those who think me fit for the job, but I have so much in my hands already, especially the Arewa Research and Development Project (ARDP), which is the only broad platform in the north driving development.

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