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Samsung Galaxy S7 Explodes While Charging (See Photos)

A Samsung Galaxy S7 user has gotten the shock of his life after the device exploded while it was plugged in to an electric socket for charging.
An unnamed Galaxy S7 Edge user has revealed that the phone exploded while he was charging it.
According to reports PhoneArena, an unidentified worker from 'one of the big' US mobile networks claims that a customer brought in severely heat-damaged S7 Edge that had supposedly exploded.
The owner of the phone is said to have been charging it overnight and had recently turned in their Note 7, following the firm's massive product recall.
Samsung eventually recalled the product and ceased production entirely following numerous reports of the batteries overheating and exploding. 
The latest report is not the first time that an S7 Edge is said to have exploded.
A man in Ohio recently sued Samsung after he claims that his handset overheating in his trousers last month, allegedly leaving him with second and third degree burns, reports PhoneArena.
The site has also reported on another S7 Edge owner who claimed that their phone exploded while charging overnight.   
'We are unable to comment on this specific incident until we obtain and thoroughly examine the phone,' a Samsung spokesperson told MailOnline.
'Customer safety remains our highest priority and we want to work with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to investigate the matter and support them'. 
The troubled Korean technology firm eventually had to recall and cease production of its Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month.

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