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Plagiarism: Etisalat Caught Red-handed Copying a Man's Intellectual Property without Permission

A Nigerian man is apparently prepared to sue telecommunication giant, Etisalat for using his post on micro-blogging site - Twitter for commercial purpose without any permission.
A Nigerian who uses the Twitter handle 'Mr Okeke' has called out Etisalat multinational telecommunication company over an act of plagiarism which is a heinous crime.
The netizen on the 27th of May, 2016 shared a comical post on its Twitter about the hard life in Lagos and was stunned when Etisalat forwarded the same tweet to him for advertisement purpose for a paid programme.
Mr Okeke has joked about engaging his lawyers. His story has gone viral and there is no official response from the telecom company yet.
See how the drama played out:

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